Matt Maher - 'Alive & Breathing' (Special Acoustic Song Session)

Talk about a timely song!  In a time where our society is upside down, Matt Maher gives us the primary thing for which to be thankful to God.

"Songs are landscapes for living memories", commented Maher.  "This kind of a soundtrack for crossing one season to the next, remembering the faithfulness of God in the past while declaring His goodness in the present and to the future.“

Here's that great reminder, performed in a electric acoustic session - Matt Maher's "Alive & Breathing".  

"Alive & Breathing" is the title track of a collection of releases by Maher, now bundled on one album, aptly titled Alive & BreathingAlive & Breathing was made available March 6 (Provident Label Group).

Alive & Breathing Lyrics

What holds your heart
What stirs your soul
What matters come to mind
The cares you keep
The thoughts you think
It’s not all wasted time
Seek and you will find

Joy still comes in the morning
Hope still walks with the hurting
If you’re still alive and breathing
Praise the Lord
Don’t stop dancing and dreaming
There’s still Good News worth repeating
So lift your head and keep singing
Praise the Lord

Years roll by
We wonder why
We lost our way from home
Our Father finds
The child inside
We had left for growing old
Awake, awake, awake my soul

Let everything, let everything, let everything
Praise the Lord
In the working, in the waiting
Praise the Lord
In the blessing, in the breaking
Praise the Lord
In the dying, the rising
Let it praise the Lord
Let it praise the Lord
praise the Lord

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